Let's Make A Change

Sustainably conscious clothes are made
From higher-quality fibers, that do not wear out easily.
Thus creating pieces that will matter to you for 
years to come. With higher quality fibers, comes 
higher production costs which equals, better
working conditions and fair wage opportunities.

The ColorBloc Vision

ColorBloc was built on the ability to design sustainable
one of a kind pieces. With the environment at the forefront
of decision making, ColorBloc focuses on producing clothes that 
are made from ethically sourced and higher-quality fibers that do not
wear out easily. As a result creating long lasting and timeless
pieces, which allows ColorBloc to aid in lowering the waste
production in the Textile Industry.

How to Help

A wardrobe focusing on sustainability is
about quality over quantity, invest in timeless and long lasting
pieces. Do your research on the companies, and don't be
afraid to ask questions about their sustainability efforts. Take
more time in understanding how to care for your clothing,
whether thats letting pieces air dry or using more natural
methods of stain removing. Lets set the standard for generations
to come!